The Story of Ember Lynn Designs

Ember Lynn Designs is the creation of Debra Aruffo, a successful entrepreneur in a highly competitive field of healthcare and hospital administration for over 30 years. Debra is also a full figured woman, working mother of five, who for many years struggled with finding clothing that was flattering, youthful and made her feel beautiful.

Debra found that the fashion industry is not in tune with what a plus size woman is looking for in clothing. Most department stores carry very little choices, and are usually very unflattering patterns and styles. After many years of feeling let down with plus size clothing. Debra became passionate about creating a line that fit her lifestyle, and the lifestyle of millions of other plus size woman facing these same challenges. Ember Lynn Designs was born. Debra developed an eye for detail, a keen sense for what works in your professional and social life. She acquired an understanding of how women want to accentuate their beauty, simply and elegantly in beautiful fashions. Woman want to feel sexy, and wear clothing that allows them to engage in life.

Recently, while discussing her clothing line, someone asked Debra, by creating this line was she condoning women to live an unhealthy lifestyle? She responded by saying ā€œIā€™m a plus size woman, does that make me unworthy of looking and feeling beautiful?ā€ When you feel beautiful about the way you look at any size you are motivated and inspired to be the person you want to be!

Now Ember Lynn Designs is a shop